American Association of Insurance Management Consultants

Membership in AAIMCo

AAIMCO offers three levels of membership:  Professional Member; Associate Member; Affiliate Member. See Qualifications for explanations of each level. Membership in AAIMCo not automatic and is subject to a completed application, review of qualifications, acceptance of our Code of Ethics and final approval by the Board of Directors.

Membership Benefits

  • AAIMCo’s website, which serves as a direct link between prospective clients and your firm. The site is fully searchable and includes a Profile Page for each member, providing information about that member’s firm and his or her services.
  • Opportunities to increase your income through consulting assignments developed by our members
  • Networking among peers involving issues affecting your business and the industry
  • Educational conferences with terrific networking opportunities
  • Quarterly newsletters and informative articles written by our members
  • Development of lifelong friendships

We are looking for experts in the following areas.

  • Insurance management consulting
  • Insurance consulting
  • Risk management consulting
  • Litigation support and expert witness services
  • Legal representation in connection with insurance matters
  • Insurance education, professional development, and training
  • Actuarial, claims, accounting, and auditing
  • Automation and information technology consulting
  • Recruiting, compensation and employment consulting
  • Other technical and management advice or services

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Annual Dues and Fees

Application Fee $25.00
Professional Member $400.00
Affiliate Member $400.00
Associate Member $280.00
Retired Member $90.00