American Association of Insurance Management Consultants

Membership in AAIMCo Qualificiations

Professional Membership

Professional Membership shall be open to independent contractors who: Provide expert knowledge for a fee; Have attained expertise through a minimum of 5 years insurance-related work consulting experience; Have been a fee-based consultant for not less than 3 years; Dedicate 50 percent or more of their consulting services time to advising multiple individuals or entities with regard to insurance-related or risk management issues; and otherwise meet AAIMCo’s membership criteria.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to individuals who otherwise meet AAIMCo’s Professional Membership requirements with the exception of the required minimum 3 years consulting experience. Associate Membership shall include the same privileges as Regular Professional Members, except that an Associate Member is not eligible to vote or hold office. Associate Members may use the AAIMCo “Associate ” icon. Upon completion of the 3 year minimum experience requirement, an Associate Member must apply for Professional Membership status in order to remain a Member of AAIMCo. No application fee shall apply to this change in membership status.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership shall be open to any person or firm who has a bona fide interest in or renders an insurance-related service or product, and who shall further the interest of the Association. An Affiliate Member may attend AAIMCo’s conferences, but is not eligible to attend business meetings, vote, serve on the Board or hold office. Affiliate Members may use the AAIMCo “Affiliate” icon. There are two categories of Affiliate Membership: Individual Membership; Corporate Membership, which includes the designation by the corporate member of up to two individual representatives to be listed as AAIMCo Affiliate Members.

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Annual Dues and Fees

Application Fee $25.00
Professional Member $400.00
Affiliate Member $400.00
Associate Member $280.00
Retired Member $90.00