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Insurance Expert Network, LLC

The Insurance Expert Network, LLC (IEN) was founded in 2005 in response to a growing need for insurance experts. IEN experts provide expert witness, mediation and arbitration services.

Our experts play a critical role in litigation, by educating the trier of fact on the intricacies of insurance, assisting attorneys in determining the merits of a case, testing potential evidence or testifying at a deposition or trial. Our expert witnesses, mediators and arbitrators are all accredited and have extensive experience in insurance and the resolution of insurance cases. Choosing arbitration or mediation can be less costly, but choosing an experienced Insurance mediator or arbitrator is crucial to the success of your case.

The IEN Advantage:
1. There is no charge for referrals
2. Generally, a nationwide search and subsequent referral can be completed within 48 hours
3. Our network includes a large number of insurance experts, mediators and arbitrators with expertise in over 125 different insurance disciplines
4. To assist the attorney/client in the selection process, we provide a case-specific statement of qualification from each potential expert, mediator or arbitrator
5. IEN personnel are highly experienced and knowledgeable insurance professionals

Business Phone: 
(215) 736-2980

Insurance Specific Services

  • Expert Witness Referral
  • Insurance Litigation Support
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation